The restoration of a very dilapidated old barn - 8 weeks

Work had already been undertaken on the main building, and the client asked if we could come up with something different to match in with the new stonework. fasias, gutters, windows, doors and roof were in a very poor state of repair and exstensive work was needed to bring it up to standard.

All paint had to be removed from the walls to provide a sound key for the stone work. Walls were cut to accommodate the Steelwork to house the new roller shutter doors and additional window openings and supporting lintels were created. A temporary frame had to be installed to seal the building at night while building was underway.

Custom props were made to strengthen the bulding due to the thickness of the walls, and all timber fascias and sofats were removed and replaced with UPVC. The roof was structuraly sound but had the moss removed and was cleaned thoroughly. the effect of a real stone wall.

StoneSlip was used to clad the walls and carefully laid, giving the appearance of solid stonework which was then pointed and jetwash cleaned. Existing stone cobbles were raised creating a ramp into the bilding. WE recycled as much material as possible using local skips to keep down any impact to the environment. Glass ballustrade and chrome hand rails were finally installed for finishing touches. The finished building was completely transformed, lending perfectly in with and complimenting the existing building.